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Anyone can teach you how to sell an eCourse…

what about creating an eCourse

people actually complete?

If you’ve ever signed up for any kind of course and didn’t do the work, you know what we’re talking about.

You read the eBook (or just downloaded it), you watched the video, listened to the MP3 — what stopped you from taking the crucial next steps towards your desired outcome — the results you signed up for and even paid good money for?

If you’re on the other end of things and you’re providing an eCourse, it sucks when you feel like nothing is happening — that people aren’t taking action on the information you’re sharing with them. Maybe half of your participants have disappeared since signing up, the forum you set up is a ghost town or your emails are being deleted, unread.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi, we’re Kelly Kingman and Pace Smith. We wanted to understand why often the majority of people who enroll in eCourses don’t participate and what to do about it. We have both created programs in the past to help people learn how to create a desired outcome and, while we have experienced some success, it was clear that there was a lot we didn’t know.

Helping people achieve their goals raised a lot of questions for us, such as:

  • How do you help people get the results they want in the most efficient, respectful way?
  • How can you design your content to facilitate learning and action?
  • Why is it that 85% of people who sign up for an eCourse don’t even take the first step?
  • How do you get people over the threshold of taking the first few steps?

We wanted answers, and that’s why we created Engaging eCourses.

eCourses come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Email auto-responders (paid or free)
  • eBooks and workbooks
  • Webinars
  • Audio, video, and text-based instruction
  • Live teleclasses and Q&A sessions
  • Forums and membership-based programs
  • Combinations of all of the above

Caring about your customers’ results isn’t just being nice, it’s good business.

Happy customers are repeat customers, and they tell their friends.

If you’re considering creating an eCourse of your own, it’s important to look at which ingredients successfully motivate people to take the action to get the results they want.

“The entrepreneur who delivers a better experience to her right people, wins. It’s not the content, it’s not the information, it’s the experience….The point is not to come up with something novel and new, though it’s great when you do, the point is to explain, synthesize — do what you have to so people take the information that’s already there and use it.” — Charlie Gilkey, Engaging eCourses

Information alone is not enough to inspire action.

We’re all swimming in information.

So what does it take to turn information into results?

We asked the people who get results.

Mark Silver, creator of Heart of Money

With over a decade of experience as a teacher, Mark reveals his insights on Teleclasses, Spirituality and Group Dynamics. He has conducted courses that require substantial work — some describe them as “graduate school” — and achieved an astounding 70% participation rate. He talks about teaching to the most receptive students and why you want to invest in providing a quality experience.

Sonia Simone, creator of the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint

Sonia talked with us about Interactive Learning and Community. She has years of experience building thriving online communities — from a few hundred members to thousands — creating an atmosphere of trust and instilling her students with a sense of loyalty that helps them make real progress. She also discusses the benefits of selling each lesson to your students and beginning with “shock and awe.”

Charlie Gilkey, creator of the Dojo and Email Triage

We asked Charlie to share his secrets for Autoresponders and Motivation. Charlie excels at helping people be get things done and he shared his insights on the keys to setting your students up for success. He also talks about why delivering a better learning experience is good for your students and your business.

Danielle LaPorte, creator of the Fire Starter Sessions

Danielle has mastered the art of Inspiring Without Interactivity. She reveals her techniques for igniting passion in people to do the work they need to do. Through serious truth-telling and the use of big insights paired with small actions, Danielle creates an incredibly engaging experience for her consumer.

Scott Stratten, creator of UnBootcamp

With refreshing candor, Scott talks about the benefits of Being Yourself to create engagement, even if it means polarizing people into those that love you and those that… don’t. Scott takes on the idea of when to offer your first eCourse and when to limit your involvement or offer more of it.

Pam Slim, co-creator of the $100 Business Forum

With a background in instructional design, Pam illuminates the merits of Defining Learning Objectives that are concrete and measurable to ensure students’ progress as well as how to create effective pacing and length. Pam takes us behind the curtain of her own eCourse design process and stresses the importance of experimentation and evolving your approach.

We’ve indexed each interview, so you can quickly find information that’s the most relevant for you.

Click here to download the entire 14-page Interview Index & Resource Guide, no strings attached.

Just browsing the guide you could pick up plenty of ideas you can apply right now to designing your own engaging eCourse.

Here’s just some of what you will learn from Engaging eCourses.

  • Why an engaging eCourse is good for business. (Scott, 1:40)
  • How to get students engaged in the course by starting strong. (Sonia, 23:20)
  • The design principles and strategies that create engagement and connection. (Mark, 2:14)
  • How to create an eCourse that’s insanely useful and valuable. (Sonia, 17:55)
  • How to tap into your students’ natural motivation. (Charlie, 15:24)
  • How to encourage participation (Mark, 8:27)
  • Finding the approach that fits your “right people.” (Pam, 22:54)
  • How to “sell” your students on the material with each lesson for better engagement. (Sonia, 26:21)
  • Find the right pacing for your audience. (Charlie, 39:25)
  • Break big ideas down into simple actions. (Danielle, 28:09)
  • How to inspire and encourage without nagging. (Mark, 12:25)
  • How a higher price increases engagement. (Danielle, 21:26)
  • How many students it takes to have a successful online community and tips for managing it. (Sonia, 6:29)
  • Why shorter audios and videos are more effective. (Danielle, 5:17)
  • The best formats for your content. (Scott, 31:46)
  • When to schedule live calls. (Mark, 51:12)
  • How to set boundaries and manage students’ expectations. (Pam, 13:54)

Listen now to Pace’s Top 10 Takeaways from Engaging eCourses

In this 30-minute interview, Kelly interviews Pace about the top 10 things she learned from Engaging eCourses and how she plans to apply them. Pace highlights some of the important themes that emerged from our conversations with these eCourse experts. (Clicking will also provide download link.)

Pace’s 10 Takeaways from Engaging eCourses

What Engaging eCourses is NOT

This is NOT for people who want a step-by-step guide to the technical aspects of implementing an eCourse or detailed instructions on how to launch or market your eCourses.

We do touch on both of these aspects, but if you want really in-depth instruction on building eCourses and marketing them, check out Dave Navarro’s Creating Products that Sell.

You will get the most out of Engaging eCourses if:

  • You are considering designing an eCourse but aren’t sure how to start or what elements to use.
  • You already offer eCourses and want to know how they could be more effective.
  • You are fascinated by how people learn and become inspired to act.
  • You want to make sure that any product you offer — eCourse or “info product” — helps your customers get the results they want.
  • You are curious about the advantages and the disadvantages of various eCourse business models — forums, live calls, self-paced, et cetera.The specific technical infrastructure our speakers use and their pros and cons.
  • You’re weighing the advantages and disadvantages of highly interactive eCourses as well as completely “hands off” eCourses.
  • You want to know more about things that sap people’s motivation and how to deal with them.

Hey look, bonuses!

  • Layered learning and emotional ignition: 30-minute audio interview with Cath Duncan, creator of the Bottom Line Book Club and Dreaming to Delivering Mastermind.
  • Helping people change habits: 30-minute audio interview with Nathalie Lussier, creator of Cure Cravings Forever
  • Procrastination, self-sabotage, and resistance: 30-minute audio interview with Susan Johnstone, creator of 15 Minutes a Day to Outsmarting Your Resistance
  • How to Help People Make Progress article (PDF) by Susan Johnstone
  • new! Traction and Results: 30-minute audio interview with Gary Barnes of Gary Barnes International, the Traction Coach.
  • new! The Zen of Engagement: Written interview with Lisa Baldwin of Zen At Play, co-creator of Declutter Goddesses.

Here’s what you get when you buy Engaging eCourses:

  • 6 hour-long, in-depth interviews with eCourse experts
  • 14-page program index and resource guide
  • Bonus interviews with 5 more, including reference articles

What it’s worth

When we decided to learn how to create engaging eCourses, we searched high and low for an existing product or class that would teach us what we needed to know. We didn’t find anything, which is why we created Engaging eCourses. But this knowledge was so important to our businesses — we basically teach and inspire people for a living — that we would have been willing to pay at least $500 to learn it.

Luckily, we didn’t have to, and now you don’t have to either.

What if it’s not what I expected?

If you are not satisfied with Engaging eCourses for any reason we will refund 100% of your purchase price, guaranteed.

Kelly Kingman & Pace Smith

engaging ecourses

engaging ecourses

engaging ecourses

P.S. We’re swimming in information; what people need now is inspiration. If you want to create an eCourse with impact that helps people get results, think of Engaging eCourses as your behind-the-scenes look at how the pros do it. Get it today!

Sorry, but Engaging eCourses is no longer available for sale!